QUAAF Toolbox

Update log:

2023-08-17 by Minxiang Liu: Updated the stock/option portfolio using ask price, instead of last price.

2023-08-17 by Minxiang Liu: Speeded up the option analysis, fixed the bug of calculating Sharpe Ratio, added log checking tools usage.

2023-08-10 by Minxiang Liu: Fixed a bug in portfilio optimizer VaR.

2023-07-30 by Minxiang Liu: Implemented allocation optimizer for hedge fund with PUT option.

2023-07-24 by Minxiang Liu: Fixed issue in valuation model, swithing from yahooquery to yfinance partially.

2023-07-05 by Minxiang Liu: Divided sentimental analysis from portfolio optimizer, polished UI.

2023-06-15 by Minxiang Liu: Fixed issues with Canadian stocks in portfolio.

2023-04-22 by Minxiang Liu: Added option anaylsis tool to analyze the minimun IV options using strike, current price and option price.

2023-04-21 by Minxiang Liu: Changed the layout for plotting, expected to have more stable font sizes in display.

This toolbox portal is designed for QUAAF internal usage!

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